Work / Life Balance

Balancing demands of our work and personal lives can be a real challenge. We only have so much time and energy. Our bodies and our minds get tired, resulting in decreased performance and variety of mental and physical heath challenges.

Worn down, burned out employees struggling to produce, despite their handicapped condition diminish company profits. Their decreased productivity is often a huge hidden opportunity cost. Employee health problems are very expensive for companies.

Unfortunately the personal and family costs are even more hidden and devastating. Physical and mental health problems cause relationship challenges, create financial hardships and generally diminish life satisfaction.

The Quality Coach recognizes the importance of helping individuals achieve better balance in their lives. We believe a holistic, wellness-focused approach is critical for individuals to achieve their highest levels of productivity, physical health and mental happiness.

The Quality Coach is currently assembling a team of collaborators to support our vision of helping individuals and organizations make small, but sustainable health improvements. This team of experts will include: fitness trainers, exercise enthusiasts, personal coaches, mental health counselors, nurses, weight loss consultants, nutrition coaches, massage therapists, yoga / Pilates instructors, physical therapists, and renewal retreat leaders.

We will also be developing workshops, support groups, therapy groups and retreats to educate and support sustainable healthy lifestyles. We hope to setup and facilitate virtual communities where people can hang out, share ideas, challenge and support one another.

Watch for additional information soon.

We welcome your input if you have ideas related to our vision. Just contact us by phone or email to share your request or contribution idea.