Healthy Conflict Resolution- Practice Group

Healthy Conflict Resolution – Practice Group**

The impact of Conflict can be both an energy and a profit drain in your organization.

Successful leaders develop an ability to constructively address conflict so that resolution occurs rapidly with minimal work disruption.

Some workshop objectives include:

  • Identify ways to minimize conflict through Quality Communication.
  • Learn and practice a process for initiating and sustaining a dialogue to resolve conflict.
  • Apply the dialoguing process to real-world situations.
  • Embrace this process as a key coaching and leadership skill.

This workshop series consists of three 2.5-hour sessions and will be held at weekly intervals at The Quality Coach Learning Center @ Exit 11 Workspace & Coffee House, Washington, MO

Fee will be $425 per participant.

We have several client requests to schedule this Fall. If interested, please let us know the number of participants and any scheduling preferences.

**The Quality Coach Practice Groups offer bite-sized skill development through short in-person group coaching, beginning with basic skills and moving to more advanced.  Participants learn new skills and tools, apply and practice in the safe environment of the classroom, share learning between participants, and complete fieldwork between sessions to apply skills in their real world.  Each session also includes time for sharing the experiences participants have with the fieldwork they are assigned and to receiving coaching around challenges.

Time: 2019 - Dates to be determined by our clients!

Registration: Click here to register