Meet Jeanne…

Born to be in business, Jeanne found her niche as a Business Coach a perfect match for her talents and passion.  Jeanne easily sees the potential in organizations, teams, and individuals, and coaches them to build their capacities.  Tapping into and focusing hidden human resources and leveraging them is one of Jeanne’s many gifts to her clients.

Jeanne  co-founded The Quality Coach! in 1990, before business and personal coaching was cool.  Pioneering the field of professional coaching, Jeanne has helped to develop many coaches within client organizations. She believes a coaching organization is a learning organization.  And, that a learning organization will adapt to complex change, and ultimately thrive amidst economic turmoil and competitive challenges.

Prior to founding The Quality Coach!, Jeanne was a Corporate Human Resources Manager. She feels privileged to have been involved in the design and implementation of innovative employee practices that not only made for a wonderful workplace, but positively impacted the bottom line.

Jeanne loves teaching, coaching, designing and implementing practices and processes that bring out the best in individuals, teams, and organizations. A gifted writer, educator, facilitator, coach, problem solver, and business woman, she approaches every opportunity straight from the heart, with enthusiasm and generosity.  Spirited and creative, Jeanne is great at tapping into and accessing the best in any organization or individual she encounters.