Margit Brown Testimonial

“We trust them and we value their advice.”

I work with our marketing department in our multi-channel efforts that involve our store locations, our website, and our printed catalog.  My main responsibility is writing product descriptions and other copy for our catalog that we mail to both store customers and to catalog/online customers.

Last October I attended the Science of Delegation workshop with Stephanie, one of our high-powered store managers.  Stephanie’s high energy level and commitment are amazing, but we were concerned about her working too hard and felt that she could use some tools to prevent “burnout.”  Of course The Quality Coach!® has worked with our company for many years, so we knew we would have something valuable to gain.  Even though our intent was to help Stephanie gain insight regarding the benefits of delegating, I personally was inspired by the seminar, too.

What I was able to take back to the workplace was a plan for our catalog cover development.  In the past, the cover layout was the last step to be completed in our production cycle.  By this time, our senior designer and I are a bit frazzled, so I knew that something as important as the cover could be planned better.  The workshop made me rethink the process with the art of delegation in mind.  Because we now have two talented graphic designers on staff, I helped the senior designer coach our newer designer in the layout of the catalog cover.  The many benefits of this process included the following:

•    The cover design work began earlier so we had time to comfortably tweak and change details.
•    Catalog production was less stressful because of sharing responsibilities.
•    Involving a new member in our team effort was satisfying to the new member and reassuring to us knowing that we had another person we could count on.

The Quality Coach!® seminars present a common sense approach to deal with issues in the workplace.  Hank, Jeanne, and staff offer solutions that are insightful, respectful, and doable.  They themselves have on-the-job experiences that help them relate to us and our needs.  In addition, their consulting experiences give them a wealth of information regarding other work environments.  We trust them and we value their advice.