Dr. Mace Testimonial

an incredible value for the money spent

“This letter is to express my complete confidence in and appreciation for The Quality Coach team.  We have worked with Jeanne and Matt for almost six months and have seen a dramatic improvement in the morale of our team, the camaraderie, the ease of communication and the overall mood of our office.

In the beginning, the focus was on communication styles and relationship dynamics of the workplace.  We all found this very helpful and as a result found ourselves crafting words and dialogue in ways our team members would best receive them and that would elicit the desired responses.

We all look forward to our Tuesdays with Jeanne and Matt.  They do a great job of keeping the flow of information interesting and use team-building activities to incorporate some fun into the learning process.  Meetings typically last about an hour and forty-five minutes.  They always start and end on time and are always quite prepared for whatever we need to cover.  In addition, Matt always types the notes from the meeting and gets them to us in a timely manner so we can focus on learning and sharing rather than on taking notes.

About 5 months into the process (we meet monthly), Jeanne and Matt scheduled a meeting with me to discuss my thoughts on what they had done so far and to brainstorm on what I would like them to cover in the future.  This gave me a unique opportunity to ‘craft’ their upcoming presentations in a direction that would be most beneficial to the operation of my office.  They have responded very well to this, and even have information and activities to support and enhance the concerns I wanted to address.  They have been involved in coaching for many years and it manifests in their depth of knowledge, smooth presentations and proven systems for improvement.

In closing, I have been very happy with everything the Quality Coach has done for me and my team.  I have found it to be an incredible value for the money spent and our office has become a much happier place to be as a result of our time with them.  This has allowed us to focus our energy and attention on what matters most…our patients.

James G. Mace, DDS”