Contico Testimonial

the gold standard of employee screening…

“Hank… I wanted to write and thank you for your recommendation of the Hiring Suite web-based testing.  As our organization expanded so quickly late last year, we were truly at a loss in understanding how to find good quality people who would become good employees.  Utilizing several tests in the Hiring Suite made ambiguous decisions very clear and the test’s predictions were spot on regarding the employee’s work behavior.  We have had amazing success with the programs for hourly, hourly skilled and supervisory staff.  The results are easy to interpret, and the ability to see where the potential new hire ranks among the rest of your staff is invaluable.  As managers, we find ourselves referencing not only our own tests, but also those of our staff, in order to understand “how” we work.
We have sung Hiring Suite’s praises throughout my organization, and to our colleagues, in the hopes this program becomes the gold standard of employee screening.  In my opinion, there is no more accurate, objective and cost effective option for hiring.  Thank you again for providing us with such a complete service.
Mary Ellen Coady, Human Resources Manager,
Continental Commercial Products