What Our Clients Are Saying

“I am so grateful to have you as my coach!”

“I can’t say enough about you and your team and the value and perspective I have gained.  You are the best!!!!”

Rebecca Shirley, RTI Tradco

“put me in a position to make better business decisions, faster.”

“The questions you asked, the options you presented and the meanings you helped me uncover have put me in a position to make better business decisions, faster.  I have clarity instead of confusion and opportunities instead of obstacles.  Thanks for all your help!”

Mason Duchatschek, Buildatribe.com

“We trust them and we value their advice.”

“The Quality Coach!® has worked with our company for many years, so we knew we would have something valuable to gain.  Even though our intent was to help our store manager gain insight regarding the benefits of delegating, I personally was inspired by the seminar, too.”

Margit Brown, Brown’s Enterprises

“an incredible value for the money spent”

“and our office has become a much happier place to be as a result of our time with them.  This has allowed us to focus our energy and attention on what matters most…our patients”

James G. Mace, DDS

“discussed my Behavioral Style and how to adapt to other styles for better communication and understanding”

“In addition to the business side of the coaching, we have discussed ways to help me on a personal level and I am anxiously awaiting additional tools and ideas to implement them.”

Debby Breeden, Program Coordinator,
East Central College – Center for Workforce Development

“left the class with some good ideas I will use”

I would take any class they offer as they were great teachers.

Nancy Sutton, CNC Programmer,
CG Power Systems

“the gold standard of employee screening”

“…In my opinion, there is no more accurate, objective and cost effective option for hiring.  Thank you again for providing us with such a complete service.”

Mary Ellen Coady, Human Resources Manager,
Continental Commercial Products

“Five years later, we still have an engaged workforce”

“the Quality Coach… helped us define and establish our empowered teams and our culture of involvement and continuous improvement.”

Kevin Carpenter, Human Resources Manager,
Henniges Automotive

“an amazing way of zeroing in on the issues”

“…focusing the input of the players, and evolving a well organized outline. Your style, your body language, your ability to direct, were all perfect.”

Robert C. Packman M.D., Medical Director,
Physicians Health Plan

“given us the tools and language to implement our Mission and Vision”

“You have modeled an effective communication process and a shorthand approach to producing understandings that has allowed us to relate to each other with greater depth and meaning.”

Madeleine Hawn, CEO,
Caring Solutions

“you were worth every penny and minute of time I spent”

“EXTREMELY knowledgeable about career changes! She allowed me to be in the driver seat as she coached me…”

Jeff Guehne, Sales Manager,
Facility Services Group

“brings a rock solid and in-depth knowledge of what works and what doesn’t to any situation”

“I would recommend Jeanne to anyone looking for high caliber instruction and outstanding” consulting

Dr. Jimmy Nelson, Manager, Training and Development,
Harman International.

“I cannot express how much I appreciate what I learned”

“It provides the most satisfaction in my job…not to mention the most results.”

Bob Dorste, Program Manager, Busch Learning Center,
Anheuser-Busch, Inc.

“Your gift as a facilitator helped us uncover our separate dreams …and develop them into one cohesive vision”

“All participants were equally involved in the process and feel equal ownership.”

Linda Kraft, Executive Director,
The Green Center