Time Out Retreat

We live in challenging times. Life moves at breathtaking speed and seems to be constantly accelerating. Our global connectivity has introduced a level of complexity into our experience that is truly mind-boggling! In the face of all this noise and stimulation we can easily become disconnected from what matters most. As coaches, we are extremely curious about this dramatic “losing of our way”. Might the root cause be that “We are over-stimulated and under inspired”?The research is pretty clear that money does not produce deep satisfaction and fulfillment. Meaning trumps materiality!

So we are left with a fundamental question: “In the face of this deep psychic malaise, how do we find our way back onto the path toward authentic satisfaction, fulfillment and inner peace?” 

The answer is simple but not easy – We go within! To engage our soul (or inner wisdom) we need an environment of peace and reflection, an under-stimulating environment. We must quiet that voice in the head (our followers and fans know it as KMIND). Our goal is to give harried, overstimulated leaders the opportunity for reflection and renewal.

The ground rules of this Time Out!™ experience will be non-traditional. We want participants to refrain from advising or trying to fix themselves or each other. Very simply we want them to witness whatever comes up from the experiences we will create.

If you are feeling burned out, OR frustrated, OR overwhelmed, please consider joining us. You owe it to yourself to get reconnected with your soul’s wisdom for the sake of your physical and emotional health. Reclaim the energy, optimism, and creativity that reconnection will bring to your work and personal life. We are convinced that both you and your organization will benefit and your employees and loved ones will thank you for having made the investment.

Call or email to find out about when the next Time Out! retreat is scheduled.