From Individual Contributor to Authentic Leader

Most folks get promoted into leadership because they are so darned good at being individual producers.  And to be successful, they need to develop new skills to get good work done through others, rather than doing good work on their own.  This survey class touches on the key skills, approaches and tools they can use to tap into the hearts and minds of those who look to them for leadership.

Specific topics and lessons include:

  1. The Shift from Doer to Leader
  2. Distinguishing Leadership and Management
  3. Leveraging Behavioral Styles (DISC), for self-awareness, reading others and adapting for effectiveness
  4. Employee Engagement, including Gallup Q12 Research
  5. Leadership Challenges and Tips
  6. Inspiration

Our approach is to create an interactive learning environment applying these concepts to the participants’ current role and challenges.  Our objective is for participants to learn as much from each other as us, walking away with a commitment (to themselves) about applying what they’ve learned on the job (and in their lives) resulting in a great return on their investment of time and money.

Some testimonials from our recent sessions:

  • “Excellent program… did a great job of blending a lot of good info that was relevant.”
  • “I had no expectations, but walked out believing that I can be a better leader.”
  • “The workshop was beneficial.. really useful information that I can actually use on a daily basis!”
  • “More than met my expectations… I learned today! Very well done.”

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