Effective Delegation: Beating Overwhelm and Building Capacity

You can’t do it all! Learn how to be a master of accomplishing results through others.  And develop the talent on your team by giving others opportunities to step up, grow and succeed!

It doesn’t seem possible, but we can easily find ourselves getting behind in other peoples’ work.  Join these sessions for a lively dialogue about how to become a more effective and efficient leader through the art and science of delegation. Participants will learn how to leverage their strengths and the strengths of those who report to them. This is a critical strategy in challenging times, as well as in good times. Here’s an opportunity to re-energize and renew your approach to accomplishing more with less time and fewer resources.

Some Testimonials from our recent sessions:

  • “Excellent program… did a great job of blending a lot of good info that was relevant.”
  • “Taught me about myself and also that I need to let people do the work and make mistakes so they can ultimately succeed.”
  • “More than met my expectations… I learned today! Very well done.”

This workshop is three – 2 hour sessions that run every 2 weeks.


Currently scheduled workshops…