Our Coaching Philosophy & Approach

The basic premise of our work is that you, the client, have the answer. Our role as coaches is to help you first identify the outcomes that are desired and then get in touch with what might be blocking your ability to produce them. We are your collaborator in whatever you are committed to produce in your business and personal life. We will ask you questions and help you discover the context of your situation i.e. where you are coming from in attempting to deal with it. We will offer suggestions, advice, and give you assignments to help you create a shift in your relationship with the situation that has you able to see new approaches and responses. More often than not you will choose your own responses and carry them out. If you get stuck we will have suggestions to offer. Remember, as fellow business people, we have faced and dealt with some of the same challenges as you.

We will ALWAYS tell you the truth. Not the truth in some absolute sense, but the truth of how we are experiencing you…our sense of what’s behind your words…our sense of your emotions with respect to the people and circumstances in front of you. It is our experience that truth telling in a spirit of committed collaboration is one of the greatest gifts any person can receive.

It is our intention to be unconditionally constructive in our relationship with you. This does not mean that we won’t challenge you. Quite the contrary! We will often experience you as larger and more capable than you experience yourself and make requests from that perception that will seem unreasonable to you. The choice of acceptance or rejection of these requests is always yours. Their purpose is to invite you into an experience of yourself that may transform who you think you are and create an opening for a step change in your level of accomplishment and fulfillment. Watching you become more than you thought you were is our real payoff as coaches.

We may not always be able to help. If, during the course of our interactions, it becomes clear that some specialized skill or knowledge is required to help you achieve the outcomes you seek, we will share that view and help you find the specific expertise needed through our own considerable, professional network.