Succession Planning

Does your organization have a plan ready in case you (or your leader) gets hit by a bus?  On an even more practical level, is there a plan for smooth transition when you or key members of your leadership team retire? If you are like most small businesses, the answer is probably “no” or “our plan is flimsy and out of date”.  As the leader of your organization, there is probably no higher value activity you can be doing than developing a strategic plan that adequately addresses organizational sustainability issues.  Are you actively mentoring your successor? Have you even identified or hired the person who is capable of doing what you do (some day)?  Does your leadership team have sufficient bench strength to weather loss of a key player?  We are experts at helping you: attract, identify, hire or select from within the person with the right characteristics and then assist with establishment and execution of a professional development plan. Don’t lay awake in bed worrying about these scenarios.  Call us today to start solving the inevitable!