Group Facilitation

What would instantaneous, coordinated response to change by work groups and teams in your organization be worth?

Our Group Facilitation services help your teams and work groups connect deeply in the face of major customer requests, competitive threats, or new government regulations to create powerful responses, the plans to implement them, and the buy-in that insures that everyone involved will deliver on their piece of the action.

You define the outcome and we design the process and orchestrate the event to produce that outcome. We employ a communication process that we call 100% response-able speaking and listening in which participants are richly influenced by the thinking and speaking of others. Deep understandings are produced and conflicts are transformed into opportunities for generating highly creative responses to your most challenging business or organizational issues while simultaneously building a sense of cohesion between the team members involved.

Facilitation services can enhance the outcomes of any group events where participant contribution, consensus, and buy-in are crucial to producing results in challenging real world situations. We have worked with groups on a variety of diverse tasks that include strategic planning, future search (a kind of long range planning), analytical problem solving, and decision making. In addition, we have applied our facilitation skills and techniques to unusual tasks such as industrial accident investigation and the development of clinical care regimens for chronic disease.

Introduce the Facilitator role in your organization. When you experience the capacity for inspired response to threats and opportunities that masterful facilitation can create, you may choose to introduce that role into your organization. We can prepare your designated candidate to fulfill the facilitator role and coach her to a level of mastery. Since our inception, The Quality Coach!® has trained over 200 people to competently and confidently fill the facilitator role in their organization.

“Thus, the task is not so much to see what no one else has yet seen, but to think what nobody yet has thought about that which everybody sees.”     Schopenhauer

Group Facilitation Service Options:

  • Design and Delivery…we will design a process to address an issue that one of your groups or teams needs to resolve. We will facilitate the process at a venue of your choosing or you may use our Learning Center in Washington, Missouri which can accommodate up to 25 people.
  • Facilitation Training…we will train your employees who demonstrate a talent and interest to be master facilitators using the Facilitation Workshop described below.
  • You are always welcome to visit one of our public workshops as an observer. Spend a few hours with us to get a first hand feel for both the participant experience and our style. Just contact us and share the particular skill or subject area that interests you most and we will schedule a visit at our next session.

The Facilitator Workshop

…orchestrating outstanding group performance

Collaboration is crucial to success in the world of 21st century work. Meetings are an important mechanism by which people in organizations collaborate. Meetings are also events that create frustration, consternation, and general upset for people in organizations. They also represent a substantial cost of doing business and a potential drain on profits if no outcomes of value are produced. You can insure that your meetings work by introducing a Facilitator role into your organization. Facilitators are master communicators who design and orchestrate the processes that make any collaborative group event a success. The following is a summary of the key elements of the workshop that has prepared hundreds of people to fulfill the Facilitator role in dozens of organizations from Fortune 500 corporations to small family owned businesses.

Day 1

  • Facilitation Defined
    • Facilitation as process orchestration
    • The skills of the Facilitator
    • The personal requirements for masterful facilitation
  • Communication…the foundation of masterful facilitation
    • The distinctions of communication
    • The 100% Response-able Speaking & Listening Model
  • Applying the distinctions of 100% Response-able communication
    • Questioning from a coaching context
    • Conflict Resolution
    • Giving and Receiving Feedback
    • Creating Consensus
  • The Group Process
    • Behaviors in groups
    • The Stages of Group Evolution
    • The Elements of a High Performing Team
    • Practice in observing and analyzing group behavior

Day 2

  • Effective Meeting Design
    • Distinguishing the meeting purpose
    • Clarifying meeting outcomes and deliverables
    • Generic analytical processes as meeting design templates
    • The Participation Cycle…a core process for collaborative work
  • Key Elements of Meetings that Work
    • The Code of Conduct
    • The Agenda
    • The Action Plan
    • Important Practices and Techniques
    • Evaluation and Continuous Improvement
  • Putting it all together…a participative demonstration of what we’ve learned
    • Time for reflection, questions, and getting the feel of the material

Days 3-5

  • Practice Facilitation with Coaching Support
    • One hour of up front time with video and Coaching for each round of practice
    • Being a Facilitator
    • Being a Group Member…the principles of masterful followership
    • Being an Observer…group support from a different vantage point
  • Closure on individual participant expectations