Leadership/ Personal Coaching

For years, sports and arts performers have benefited from performance coaching in their quest to reach the top of their game or profession. Now this service is available to you. If you are up to something in work or life that is important and challenging for you, consider the value of having a neutral, committed collaborator by your side. Someone who will listen to your doubts, fears, and frustrations with only your best interests at heart. Someone who will be an unconditionally constructive sounding board to help you think things through, develop a plan of action to deal with obstacles and support you in carrying out that plan.

Coaches ask lots of questions to encourage you to look for answers in places you might not have thought to look. Coaches listen intently, reflect back your ideas and perceptions and then advise, challenge, request, coax, empathize (or whatever else it might take) to help you shift your paradigm and get into dynamic action to accomplish the outcomes you commit to producing. Given the uncertainties and rapid pace of our permanent white water world, having a confidante and advocate is no longer a luxury, it’s a necessity!  Why not try a free 30 minute session and experience first hand the possibilities of performance coaching for yourself.

We also offer group coaching for teams, staff and other groups of people with a shared commitment to a common task. If sports teams can benefit from coaching, think of the advantages that work teams might derive. Remember, the Coach has no hierarchic authority or attachment to the results for which the team is responsible. The Coach simply brings a neutral commitment to extraordinary team performance… to the team becoming the best it can be at whatever tasks it is assigned. The Coach addresses whatever appears to be missing. Perhaps there is mistrust or conflict between team members because of an inability or unwillingness to communicate authentically. Perhaps there is a lack of clarity or buy-in about team goals or the individual roles required to achieve those goals. Whatever the block, the Coach helps the team move forward effectively, efficiently, and in a manner that has each member derive satisfaction from the joint endeavor.

“The ability to perceive or think differently is more important than the knowledge gained.”    David Bohm

Service Options:

  • In person coaching at your venue…individual or group.
  • One-on-One tele-coaching…periodic sessions from 45-60 minutes in length.
  • Group tele-coaching…periodic sessions from 1-2 hours that can bring together employees from different sites for constructive dialogue to address compelling issues of import to your business while building the participants into a high performing team.
  • Complimentary 30 minute tele-coaching sessions.