Best Year Yet Accountability Software / Support

Successful businesses go through the annual exercise of setting goals to focus on what they want to achieve for the coming year. Few people however take the time to do this for themselves. Less than 1% of adults have clearly stated goals, yet those who do earn up to ten times more than those who don’t and are more satisfied because they’ve stopped to think seriously about want they want to achieve in their lives.

The Quality Coach is proud to be able to offer this powerful personal achievement software / system. Just let us know you are interested and we will give you all the details about the program including the minimal investment to get started.

As an additional service, our coaches are also available to help you make the most of this system by serving as your personal coach and mentor. We will help you think through what changes you might want to make and personal development strategies you might consider to achieve your goals. Personal coach advantages include being challenged to go beyond your comfort zone and having someone to hold you accountable for the commitments you make to yourself. Click here for more about this service.

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