Growth Curve X-Ray

What if you could un-conceal hidden root causes of the five most critical challenges your organization faces right now, rather than react emotionally to apparent symptoms?

What if you had a structured process that produced alignment and focused execution to solve those challenges?

It’s a given that you and your team are working long and hard.  BUT… are you working on those factors that have the biggest impact on your success?  

  • Profitability
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Workforce Engagement
  • Your Satisfaction and Peace of Mind as an Organizational Leader

The Quality Coach now offers a research-based, assessment-supported process to help you identify and remedy root causes that are keeping your growing organization from achieving it’s full potential.

80% of small businesses fail in the first five years.  80% of the remainder fail in the next five. This often occurs because leaders try to “figure it out” as they go rather than using a structured process to accurately ID changing organizational needs and adapt to them quickly.

Our new service offering is based on 12+ years of research conducted by James Fischer.  He studied the responses made by 650 successful, small business (<500 employees) CEO’s to the growth-related challenges they faced.  The model he created can help you treat the trauma you experience in attempting to balance changing demands related to PROFIT and PEOPLE and PROCESS as your business grows.

We are certified to facilitate you and your leadership team through this “Growth Curve X-Ray Process” in which you and your leaders identify your most pressing business needs and develop initiatives to achieve sustainable success.  The Quality Coach provides the tools and coaching encouragement to help ensure your success in implementing your findings.

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