Foundational Four Leadership Series


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Who we are…

The Quality Coach is a group of like-minded professionals dedicated to helping organizations improve quality, productivity and profits by leveraging the power of their people.

We help organizations focus on key issues such as: employee selection, employee engagement, identifying growth constraints, leadership development, team communication, conflict resolution, continuous improvement initiatives, success planning and executive support with an emphasis on accountability.  The Quality Coach was founded in 1990 to help individuals and organizations deal with the human aspects of change.  This becomes increasingly critical as the speed of change in our world continues to escalate.

Managing change will likely be the biggest challenge for organizations going forward.

We are optimistic about the human capacity to adapt to change.  Our approach to helping clients master change is to stay focused on timeless (but often overlooked) core principles.

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Our Guiding Principles…

  • People are the most valuable asset of any organization
  • We work from an optimistic, appreciative perspective
  • We utilize quantitative analysis to guide decision making
  • Our individual beliefs keep us stuck or allow us to grow
  • Leaders have a powerful impact on others
  • The only constant is change

Our Services…